Waterfall Music is a telematic performance, commissioned by the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], and a logical follow-up to Handel's Water Music. However, instead of being performed on a barge navigating Thames River, Waterfall Music flows along fiberoptics and other similarly suitable materials, between reomte locations. In the performance, waterfall is also designating the particular technique employed for synchronization of musical events, providing remote performers an opportunity to merge voices, dance, improvised music, digital signal processing, virtual worlds and digital video effects in a collective creation from which synchronicity may emerge once in a while.

Waterfall Music uses several SAT Metalab softwares: switcher, shmdata, spinframework and posturevision.

Linux Audio Conference 2013

Manuel Chantre joined the crew and did some great visuals.

Melatab Bio

The Melatab is composed of researchers from the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] Montreal, Quebec (45°30'0″N 73°35'0″W). After a long tradition of same-time/same-place lunching their concepts emerged, through the fun of going together in the same directions, in spite of different cooking practices, compilation errors and various artistic influences. Although operating in a virtual immersive space, the band occasionally meets in the physical space, sharing enthusiasm and professionalism about digital signal processing, food, and other not well-defined habits like collective music playing.
Melatab members are Nicolas Bouillot (composition, bass and recorded percussion), Michal Seta (guitar), Emmanuel Durand (live rendering), Zack Settel (voice & electronics) and Alexandre Quessy (Ectara).


Linux Audio Conference 2013:
SAT event
Conference program

full performance

Network Music Festival 2013:
Festival program
a/v rendering of the performance

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